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A brief history of awesome.

  • 2007

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Adam and Amber met while both training for triathlons and raising money for Team in Training in Dallas. After eating pancakes and sharing energy gels, they got married and moved over to White Rock Lake

  • 2008

    A Family Starts

    In 2008 we welcomed the first team member to the family - Abby. Some say that she came out ready to paint and read. This cannot be confirmed or denied - but we can say that she's got a lot of skill and she knows how to use it

  • 2011

    Transition to Two Kids

    In 2011 Adam and Amber transitioned to man on man defense, and welcomed Audrey to the team. She's never had a problem making people laugh, kicking a ball, or knowing exactly what should be served for breakfast.

  • 2015

    Phase Three Expansion

    In 2015 the team took it's talents to Portland, Oregon. And Portland repaid the team with Ace. Although still young, Ace is approximately the size of the other kids on the team. He's always ready to laugh and smile

  • And Our


We are the full stack family.


We are a family of software developers, visual designers, and UI/UX specialists. We also work in crayon, paint and sidewalk chalk.


We've got 5 degrees, 4 specialty registrations, and our own licensed firm. We also know what you should be making for dinner and what is appropriate for school.

Quality Assurance

We can perform security and quality testing across diverse media. We can also test any baby proofing and accessibility to any tech at or below table level.

Our Amazing Team

Watch out - here we come!


Computer Nerd




Lead Designer


Solutions Architect


Quality Assurance

Not pictured but also part of the team:
one overly loved fish and one dog that overly loves licking.

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